Happy Birthday Olivia – 40 Special Wishes(+7 Free cards)

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Happy Birthday Olivia

One of the most popular names in America is Olivia. Well since you’ve opened this page, you probably know a girl named Olivia too. She could be your friend, sister, daughter, mother, neighbor, classmate, etc. In this post, you will find a variety of ways to say “Happy Birthday Olivia” to her. Besides the cool wishes, you will also find some very cute cards that you can send her over the phone.

Birthday Wishes for Olivia 0-10 age

1. Dear child, you are our sunshine, may all the rays shine on you on this day and best wishes come true. Happy birthday!

2. Dear Olivia, keep being so energetic, full of life, and with a heart of gold. I wish you all your dreams become reality. Happy Birthday!

3. To the most radiant Olivia, I wish lots of fun, a good mood, and lovely gifts. Happy birthday dear child!

Birthday Wish for Olivia

4. Olivia, today is the big day for you. I wish you the funniest, coolest, and most caloric birthday ever. 😃 Sending you lots of kisses and hugs!

5. Dear Olivia, keep being playful, smiley, and kind. May all your dreams come true. Happy birthday!

6. Dear sunshine, I wish you a childhood full of carefree. May games and friends be part of your everyday adventures. Happy birthday, Olivia!

7. To the newest addition to the family, I wish you lots of enjoyment, as you grow up listening to Mom and Dad and become a good role model. Happy birthday, Olivia!

8. Sweet child, you are our radiance that lights up our every day. May the stars light your way today, and may the most wonderful wishes become a reality. Happy birthday!

9. Olivia, our little princess, I wish you to spend the day in many games full of laughter and unforgettable moments. Happy birthday, our cutie!

10. Olivia, today is your big day. I want to wish for you to be full of laughter, joy, and plenty of sweet delights. 😃 Love you to the moon and back!

Birthday Greeting for Olivia

Happy Birthday Olivia 10-20 age

11. Happy birthday, Olivia! May every breath bring you joy, every minute be filled with smiles, and every hour brings you a new adventure. Be a strength and inspiration to everyone around you!

12. Olivia, Happy birthday! I wish you always have reasons to smile, ideas for new adventures, and a friend to share all those moments with.

13. Dear Olivia, may every day be like your day in a magical fairy tale. May every birthday be a new chapter in your amazing journey. Happy birthday!

14. Happy birthday, Olivia! I wish you a year filled with lots of fun with friends and success at school. May your every cherished wish be my wish for you!

Happy Birthday Olivia Card

15. Cake, presents, great friends, confetti, songs… I wish you the coolest birthday ever! May you be blessed, Olivia!

16. Olivia, may you be blessed! I wish you the best of luck in life and that you overcome any difficulties with ease. Happy birthday!

17. Dear Olivia, today look up to the sky, and for every star you see make a wish. May your every wish come true!

18. I wish you have a lot of fun with your friends, but also to be diligent in your studies. Remember, life is all about finding a balance. I send you lots of kisses and hugs!

19. To the most beautiful girl, I wish a life like a princess! Showered with glamour, adventure, and unexpected wonders. Happy birthday, Olivia!

20. Dear Olivia, I wish you an unforgettable birthday surrounded by the people you love the most. May you be healthy, happy, and always kind. Sending you lots of love and hugs! ❤️

Wish You All the Best Olivia

Birthday Messages for Olivia 20-30 age

21. Happy birthday, Olivia! Be very happy, enjoy life, travel the world, find love, and never forget your best friends.

22. I wish you goodness, luck, and love to be always present in your life and to be truly happy and always so wonderful and loved!

23. Happy birthday, Olivia! May your laughter be your weapon against every negative word. Be very happy and remember that I’m a friend you can count on at any moment.

24. Dear Olivia, smile often, fill yourself with positive energy, have fun with cool friends, and together explore the world. Happy birthday!

Birthday Message Olivia 20-30 age

25. Dear Olivia, I wish you parties till dawn, adventures with friends, and love to share your deepest thoughts with. Happy birthday!

26. Your positive energy charges me up every time I see you. May your aura never change. Thank you for being in my life, and I wish you all the best! Happy birthday, Olivia!

27. Dear Olivia, I wish you every week to find new places for new adventures and create precious memories there. Life is only lived once and you know it best. Happy birthday!

28. I wish you a life like in a romantic movie – love to come to you most unexpectedly and to create emotions you have never felt, and in the end of course to live a happy life. Happy birthday, Olivia!

29. I wish you lots of wisdom, patience on the road to success, perseverance in every endeavor, and above all, good health and luck! Happy B-day, Olivia!

30. Happy birthday, dear friend! Without you, my days would be much more boring. Thank you for being here, and I wish you never change. Stay as quirky, cool, and fun as you are. I love you and give you a big hug!

Birthday Wish to Olivia

Birthday Greetings for Olivia Over 30

31. Happy birthday, Olivia! I wish you an amazing birthday surrounded by your loved ones and may every day be a happy and successful one.

32. I wish you from the bottom of my heart to have plenty of reasons to smile, to have many happy moments with your family, to take more frequent breaks, and to achieve great success in your work.

33. Wishing you peace, vacations, adventures, love, and most of all health to reign in your life from now on.

Happy Birthday Olivia 0-10 age

34. Olivia, wishing you lots of family happiness, may your children listen to you, your husband help you, and may you relax more often. 😃Happy birthday!

35. Happy birthday, Olivia! May each day of yours be as successful as it is fulfilling, allowing you time for rest and self-care. Be happy and enjoy life!

36. Dear Olivia, I wish you to wake up every morning with a smile, your days to pass with positive emotions, and your evenings to indulge in well-deserved rest. Happy birthday!

37. To the best mother and wife I wish you many positive emotions, travels, family gatherings, and personal successes.

38. Happy birthday, Olivia! I wish you more free time because, in today’s world, that is the greatest wealth! May you have time for your family, for yourself, and for your spouse.

40. Happy birthday, dear Olivia! I wish you the happiest and most memorable day. May you be showered with positive emotions and love.

Birthday Card Olivia

If you still want to congratulate a friend on their birthday, who is not named Olivia, we have selected 50 special greetings for friends that can be sent to anyone, regardless of their name.


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I-Wish-You Community is here to craft and convey life's warmest birthday sentiments. Discover heartfelt wishes, innovative quotes, and boundless inspiration to create cherished moments with your loved ones. Choose us to make every birthday a touch more memorable.