About us

Why did we decide to create i-wish-you.com?

Wishes are a part of everyone’s life. Each of us writes wishes for different occasions to his friends, relatives, husband, wife, boyfriend. Combined with interesting cards, each of which is made unique, prompted us to make this site.

We have many ideas for different wishes – for a birthday, for a wedding, for Christmas and New Year holidays, fun, romantic, etc. As every wish is unique and you will not find it on another site.

Moreover, you will find our cards, which are also unique, diverse, and beautiful. You can download them to your computer, tablet, or phone and send them to your friend or loved one.

What is the main purpose of i-wish-you.com?

I-wish-you is created to simplify you. You do not have to bother and think of wishes, you can just easily copy and send them.

What information am I going to find on i-wish-you.com?

You will find a wide range of wishes and quotes that you can use in your communication with your loved ones. Our main menu consists of the following pages:

– Birthday;
– Love;
– Holiday;
– Job;
– Health;

Are the wishes, quotes only in English?

Yes, all of the examples are in English. As an international language, most conversations are conducted in English. Therefore, we decided to be in English to be more practical and thus it will meet a larger audience.


Small gestures show more attention and concern. A beautiful wish from you can make someone’s day much happier. Make your loved ones happy and bring a smile back to their faces. They deserve it.

You are more than welcome to leave comments and engage with our website!