Happy Birthday Jessica – 30 Special Wishes(+5 Free Cards)

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Happy Birthday Jessica - 30 Special Wishes

One of the most common names in the world is Jessica. If you know a girl with this name who has a birthday today or very soon, take a look at the wishes below and send her one of them. You’ll find 30 unique birthday wishes and 5 cards you haven’t seen on any other site. Say ” Happy Birthday, Jessica ” in the best way.

Birthday Wishes for Jessica 0-10 age

1. Happy birthday to the cutest girl in the world! I wish you a very special birthday where you get lots of presents and really have fun.

2. Happy birthday little cutie! I wish you a carefree childhood filled with games all day and happy moments with Mom and Dad.

3. Happy birthday, Jessica! May every day of yours be filled with fun, creative activities, and some mischief from time to time so that Mommy and Daddy won’t be bored.

4. To the most brilliant child, I wish only excellent grades in school and fun games with friends. Happy birthday, Jessica!

5. Let your day start with games, lunch with more games, and evening with more games. Happy birthday beautiful!

happy birthday Jessica

6. On this special birthday of yours, may you receive the coolest presents, lots of hugs, and the most delicious cake!

7. Fun, fun, and only fun I wish you! Be happy and healthy, Jessica.

8. I wish you find the coolest present for your birthday and have a lot of fun with your friends. May this birthday of yours be unforgettable!

9. Look up to the sky tonight and make a wish for every star! Let these wishes be my wishes for you. Happy birthday, Jessica!

10. I wish you a successful year at school and lots of fun the rest of the time. Happy birthday dear Jessica!

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Happy Birthday Jessica 10-30 age

11. I wish you to be healthy, and happy and never stop spreading this positive energy you have. Happy birthday Jessica!

12. Happy birthday to the sunniest girl I know! I’m glad that fate met us. I wish you to be mostly healthy and happy because you really deserve it.

13. I wish you adventures in faraway places, success in your work, and love in your heart. May God bless you!

14. Happy birthday, Jessica! I wish you luck, happiness, and prosperity in life.

15. To my best friend, I wish you from the bottom of my heart to be very happy, loved, and respected. Happy birthday! I love you very much.

birthday wish to Jessica

16. May your every day be filled with pleasant experiences, cool people, and lots of fun. Happy birthday, Jessica!

17. Happy birthday to my best friend! At this age, I can only wish you fun, parties, travel, and a boyfriend every now and then. Whatever happens, remember I will always be there for you!

18. I wish you a day with a lot of positive emotions, let this birthday be unforgettable!

19. I wish you every day one of your dreams comes true and you have to think of new ones all the time. Happy birthday, Jessica!

20. Live your life without caring about the opinion of others, now is the time for alcohol, parties, and boys. Happy birthday my friend!

happy birthday jessica card

Birthday Messages for Jessica Over 30

21. Happy birthday, Jessica! I want to wish you to keep growing and be so ambitious. May all your goals for this year be my wishes to you.

22. Happy birthday to the most caring and hardworking mother! May your day be filled with many happy moments because you deserve it!

23. Beauty, tenderness, and ambition are the most accurate words to describe you. I am glad to know you and I hope this friendship will last forever. Be healthy, happy, and successful, Jessica!

24. There is no one else like you! Thank you for everything and I wish you to carry your kindness and sincerity forever. Happy Birthday, Jessica!

25. I wish you more fun, trips, and adventures. May your life be fun and full of enjoyable memories.

Birthday Messages for Jessica

26. I wish you much success in your work, much happiness in your family, and more time for you! Happy birthday dear Jessica!

27. May each day be better than the last, may each morning be more positive, and may the number of smiles increase each day. I wish you a wonderful holiday!

28. Be always so radiant, kind, and caring! May this side of you never leave you and may you see everything in life with rose-colored glasses. Happy birthday my friend!

29. I wish you to be healthy, successful, and happy and to take more time for yourself – relaxation, massages, and spa!

30. Happy birthday, Jessica! First I want to thank you for all you do for me and second I want to wish you health, family happiness, and success in every endeavor. I love you!