23rd Birthday Captions – 72 Unique Captions

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23rd Birthday Captions

Looking for a fun caption for a 23-year-old? For a friend, girl, or boy? You’ve come to the right place because there are plenty of captions here, plus images that you can download and post on any of your social networks. Enjoy our entire collection of captions, as you will find captions for many ages besides 23rd birthday.

Funny 23rd Birthday Captions

1. Who knew being 23 would look this good?

2. 23 and already a legend in my own mind!

3. 23: The year when you realize your metabolism isn’t what it used to be.

Funny 23rd Birthday Caption

4. Being 23 means you’re just one year away from your quarter-life crisis.

5. At 23, your dreams are still bigger than your student loan!

6. Another 365-day trip around the sun and you’re still the same… What a miracle!

7. Happy 23rd! A year older, but definitely not a year wiser.

Funny Caption for 23rd Birthday

8. Here’s to 23 years of living life on your own terms!

9. Don’t worry, at 23 you’re still older than all the dogs!

10. Happy 23rd birthday! You’re now closer to 30 than your teenage years.

11. 23 years young and the life of the party.

12. Here’s to 23 years of laughter, love, and late nights!

23rd Birthday Captions for Yourself

13. I’m 23 years old and I still don’t feel like an adult. Am I doing this right?

14. Successfully updated my age to 23 in all my social media bios.

23rd Birthday Captions for Yourself

15. Being 23 means I can still eat pizza for breakfast, right?

16. 23 and still haven’t figured out how to do taxes.

17. Who cares about 23 when I still get asked for ID at the liquor store?

18. Just turned 23 and still using my fingers to count.

19. 23 and still unsure about how to ‘adult’.

20. I’m not 23. I’m 18 with 5 years of experience.

21. Here’s to 23 years of awkward moments and laughter!

Caption for Yourself for 23rd Birthday

22. Do I have to start acting like an adult now that I’m 23?

23. 23 years old and still pushing pull doors.

24. I’m 23 and I still don’t know how to fold a fitted sheet.

23rd Birthday Captions for a Friend

25. You’re 23 and still can’t cook anything besides instant noodles!

26. Congratulations on your 23rd lap around the sun!

27. At 23, you’re in the prime of your confusion.

28. You’re not 23, you’re three 7-year-olds!

23rd Birthday Caption for a Friend

29. 23 years of causing chaos and counting!

30. 23: Another year of laughing at our own jokes.

31. Happy 23rd! Remember when we thought people our age were adults?

32. Cheers to your 23 years of surviving and thriving.

33. Happy 23rd birthday to my partner in crime and fellow mischief maker.

34. You’re 23 and still believe in unicorns.

35. 23 years of adding a bit more spice to the world!

36. Happy 23rd! Another year closer to our old, grouchy selves.

Caption for a Friend Turning 23

23rd Birthday Captions for a Girl

37. 23 years of sparkle and sass!

38. Here’s to 23 years of being beautiful, inside and out!

39. Age is just a number and girl, 23 looks good on you!

40. Cheers to 23 years of being a fabulous you!

23rd Birthday Caption for a Girl

41. Here’s to a lady who is wise beyond her 23 years.

42. Being 23 never looked so gorgeous!

43. 23 years of beauty, brains, and a whole lot of bravery!

44. You’re not 23. You’re 18 with 5 years of glamour.

45. Girl, you make 23 look like the new 16!

46. Turning 23, but forever a queen in our hearts!

47. Shine bright at 23 like the diamond you are!

Caption for a Girl Turning 23

48. It’s your 23rd birthday and you’re still as radiant as ever!

23rd Birthday Captions for a Boy

49. Here’s to a guy who makes 23 look easy.

50. You’re not 23, you’re just 18 with 5 years of gaming experience.

51. Cheers to 23 years of mischief and good times!

Caption for a Boy for 23rd Birthday

52. At 23, you’re older but definitely not any wiser.

53. 23 years of being a perfect mix of charm and rebellion.

54. Here’s to the man who ages like a fine wine!

55. 23 and still the life of the party, Happy Birthday!

56. Happy 23rd to the guy who has been making us laugh for years!

57. The world has been blessed with your humor for 23 years now.

23rd Birthday Caption for a Boy

58. You’re not 23. You’re three 7-year-olds!

59. Cheers to 23 years of laughing at your own jokes!

60. You’re 23 and can still function on 3 hours of sleep, magic!

Short Birthday Captions for 23rd Birthday

61. Living that 23 life like a rockstar!

62. Cheers to 23 years of stirring the pot!

63. 23 and still can’t figure out which switch is for the light and which is for the fan.

64. Turning 23 and still can’t cook anything other than toast.

65. At 23, I’m an adult, but not like a real adult.

66. 23 years of being exceptional, cheers to that!

Short Birthday Caption for 23rd Birthday

67. In dog years, I’d be 161. I like 23 better!

68. Just turned 23 and life still isn’t a sitcom.

69. 23 years old and still can’t set up my voicemail.

70. 23 years of being perfectly imperfect!

71. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 23!

72. 23 years old, but still a kid at heart.