47 Funny 21st Birthday Captions

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Funny 21st Birthday Captions

What’s cooler than turning 21? If only we could stay that age for the rest of our lives… Wow, dreams. Anyway, let’s get back to the topic of this post: the fun way to show the world that you are turning 21. Show social media that today is your 21st birthday by choosing one of these 47 unforgettable funny captions below.

Funny 21st Birthday Captions

1. Officially legal and ready to mingle!

2. 21 and oh-so-fun! Let the adventures begin!

3. Cheers and beers to my 21 years!

Cheers and beers to my 21 years

4. Finally 21 – time to adult, but only when necessary.

5. I.D. required: my new favorite phrase.

I.D. required my new favorite phrase

6. 21 and ready for some (responsible) fun!

7. Hitting the blackjack of birthdays – 21!

funny birthday caption for 21st birthday

8. Too young for a midlife crisis, too old for teenage angst. Welcome to 21!

9. Just a 21-year-old trying to dodge growing up.

10. 21 candles, endless memories!

funny 21st birthday caption

11. Twenty-fun and just getting started!

12. They say you’re only as old as you feel. Tonight, I feel 21!

13. I can’t keep calm, I’m finally 21!

turning 21 funny birthday caption

14. Turning 21 means my childhood is officially over… right?

15. It took me 21 years to be this awesome!

16. At 21, I still can’t adult. But hey, I can drink legally now!

17. Age is just a number, but 21 is a pretty cool one.

caption for instagram age 21

18. Finally 21, and ready to partake in all the fun I’ve been missing out on.

19. Adulthood called; I hung up and went out to celebrate 21 instead.

20. 21? More like twenty-fun!

21 birthday caption

21. Cheers to 21 years of awesomeness!

22. The one where I turn 21.

23. I’ve been waiting 7,665 days to turn 21. Let’s party!

let's party I'm turning 21

24. 21 years young and living life to the fullest!

25. Trust me, I’m a 21-year-old engineer. (Or, replace “engineer” with your own major/profession.)

26. 21 candles, 21 wishes – let’s make them count!

27. Level 21 unlocked. Game on!

funny wish turing 21 age

28. Let the adulting games begin… but first, let’s celebrate 21!

29. Officially able to outgrow my fake I.D. – cheers to 21!

30. Twenty-fun is the new twenty-one!

31. 21: The age when you realize you still don’t have life figured out.

32. Finally 21 and ready to take the world by storm!

Finally 21 and ready to take the world by storm

33. 21: The age when you wish you could press pause on life.

34. 21 looks good on me, don’t you think?

35. Made it to 21 without a scratch – time to celebrate!

36. Keep calm and carry on adulting. I’m 21 now!

37. At 21, I’m just getting started – watch out, world!

38. 21 and feeling so fly.

39. Why not? I’m 21!

funny caption alcohol turning 21

40. Today, I can legally do what I’ve been doing since I was 16. Cheers to 21!

41. 21 years in and still so much to learn.

42. I’m not getting older, I’m just becoming a classic.

43. At 21, I still believe age is just a number. A number I’m proud to reach!

44. 21 years of being fabulous!

21 years of being fabulous!

45. They say good things take time… I guess I’m officially 21 years of goodness!

46. It took 21 years to get this cute and sassy.

47. Aging like fine wine – cheers to 21 years!