54 Short Captions for 22nd Birthday

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Short Captions for 22nd Birthday

And here comes the happiest day of the year – all eyes will be on you today. But how can you tell that it’s your birthday? Apart from your parents, brother, and sister, there are a few other people who will remember the exact date of your birthday. To let them know, you can post a funny caption on social media about your cherished age – 22. It doesn’t take much effort to think of what to post – just choose one from the 54 short captions for your 22nd birthday.

Short Captions for 22nd Birthday

1. 22 years young and ready to mingle… with cake!

2. Finally legal to do… well, everything I was already doing!

3. 22 candles, 1 fire hazard. Happy birthday!

4. 22 and still can’t adult, send help!

22 and still can't adult, send help!

5. 22: The age where you’re not quite an adult, but not a teen either.

6. Birthday calories don’t count, right?

7. Wine not celebrate my 22nd birthday?

8. 22 and only slightly wiser!

caption for 22nd birthday

9. Who needs a cake when you’ve got 22 years of sass?

10. I can’t keep calm, I’m 22!

11. Turning 22 and still counting my blessings, not my wrinkles.

12. 22, what’s the big deal? I still feel 18.

22 years old birthday captions

13. Officially 22, but forever young at heart.

14. 22 and aging like fine wine.

15. 22 years and still haven’t peaked!

16. Just turned 22, but still too young to care.

17. I make 22 look good!

18. 22 years of laughter, love, and cake!

22 birthday caption for instagram

19. 22: The age of adulting… but not today.

20. 22, but who’s counting?

21. Aging gracefully… one year at a time!

22. 22 years down, forever to go!

23. I’m not 22, I’m 21 with a year of experience.

24. 22? More like 22 times cooler!

22nd birthday 22 times cooler

25. Party like it’s my 22nd birthday, because it is!

26. 22 years wiser and still learning.

27. 22 is just a number, but cake is forever.

28. I didn’t choose the 22 life, the 22 life chose me.

More Awesome Birthday Captions for 22nd Birthday

29. Embracing my inner 22-year-old!

30. Celebrating 22 years of awesomeness!

Celebrating 22 years of awesomeness

31. 22 years of chasing dreams and eating cake!

32. Just turned 22 and still waiting to visit Hawaii.

33. Can’t touch this… I’m 22!

34. This is what 22 and fabulous looks like!

35. Birthday vibes: 22 and thriving!

36. 22 candles can’t hold a flame to me.

37. Keep calm and party on, I’m 22!

Keep calm and party on, I'm 22

38. I’m not old, I’m 22 years vintage!

39. Too cool for 21, so they made me 22.

40. Feeling 22, looking 18, acting 12.

41. Celebrating 22 years of naps and snacks!

42. 22 years of being the life of the party!

43. 22: The year I conquer my fear of adulting.

44. 22 and still not a morning person.

22 and still not a morning person

45. 22? More like 22n’t!

46. My 22nd birthday: Sponsored by coffee and cake.

47. 22 and still haven’t found the adult manual.

48. This is my 22 and sassy face!

49. 22 years old and still waiting for my superhero powers.

22 years old and still waiting for my superhero powers

50. 22 years of laughter, love, and epic dance moves.

51. A toast to 22 years of being fabulous!

52. 22? I barely even remember 21!

53. Celebrating 22 years of being fashionably late!

54. 22 years young and still wild at heart!